Black Twist

Although it may seem that the whole world has been put on hold during the Covid 19 pandemic, we’ve been hearing about some very exciting plans for a new film that’s due to be filmed locally soon. All being well, shooting will begin this summer, and you can help this very special local project come to life! Read on to find out how! 

Black Twist is the story of a young Romani traveller’s reintegration into Gloucester’s working class and his recovery from the trauma of his mother’s death, with mystical and surreal currents pulsing through. It is written and directed by Gloucester-raised Fridtjof Ryder (pictured above). The city and the natural world of the Cotswolds have influenced the script greatly and the story revolves around car mechanics and travellers in Gloucester. Fridtjof has written and directed a large number of short films in the past, but Black Twist is his debut feature-length film.

The film’s cinematographer is Stroud’s Ravi Doubleday. He and Fridtjof have grown up shooting countless short films together, and met their friend, Stroud born and bred Henry Richmond, through Gloucestershire-based youth theatre company, Barnstorm. Henry is the film’s producer.

Making a buzz

The screenplay has already generated a huge amount of excitement, receiving acclaim from Jeremy Irons, Ronald Pickup and Sir Mark Rylance (among others). 

‘This screenplay wakes me at night. […] It reminds me of Eraser Head and Blue Velvet and films I loved but don’t see many of any more. I am disturbed and excited by it at once.’ 

Quote from Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies, Ready Player One, Dunkirk)

Fridtjof, Ravi and Henry have partnered with young production company DVA Films to start shooting this summer, and here at Heart of Stroud we can’t wait to see the results.

So here’s where you can help

By supporting the fundraiser and sharing social media about it you can help make this film become a reality. Click here for more information about the film and details of some wonderful perks you can grab if you join in, including behind the scenes access, signed scripts, on-screen credits, film posters and much, much more.

See ya in the movies, folks!