Can gemstones help you beat the winter blues?

According to Corinne Price of Union Street’s Butterfly Ball, gemstones are more than just pretty objects.

When choosing a crystal, Corinne suggests that you should let the crystal choose you. If you feel drawn to a certain stone, that is the most important factor. Here are some suggestions for the beginning of the year.


January’s birthstone, garnet is said to give self-confidence and courage. A fabulous stone, it was reputedly taken by the Crusaders when going in to battle to give them bravery and keep them safe. It is believed to have regenerative and revitalising properties and the ability to prevent anger being directed inwards, helping to avert stress-related conditions.

Smoky Quartz Smoky quartz

This gemstone is said to disperse negative patterns and vibrations. It may help with anxiety and stress.



This mineral usually originates from Mexico. It is cherished as one of the most powerful healing stones for those looking to stabilize emotions and clear troubled minds. Some people say this stone improves fertility and the skin!

rose quartzRose quartz

This gemstone could be a good choice for headache and migraine sufferers. It is used by those wishing to calm emotional traumas and bring inner peace. It is purported to be a stone for forgiveness and openness towards love, for helping people form relationships, find self-love and recover from grief.

clear quartzClear quartz

Fabled to have powers of light and energy and the ability to heal on all levels, Quartz crystal is known as a strong cleanser and protector. It is said to amplify the subtlest vibrations and help people think intuitively.


A natural combination of amethyst and citrine, this stone is renowned for abundance. Corinne says it has the healing power of the Sun and the gentleness of the Moon. It can help us maintain enthusiasm without stress and is a natural money bringer!

Butterfly BallButterfly BallCorinne opened her magical little shop, Butterfly Ball, in 2011. She inherited the crystal business soon after, when the next door shop closed down. She feels it was serendipity that the crystals came to her because she has had a lifelong connection with mineral mining and semi-precious stones. She now loves helping customers with advice relating to crystals. She often takes time talking through people’s needs and helping them move forward. Sometimes it’s just good to know that someone is ready to listen. Corinne is really good at that, and she treats every chat with complete confidentiality.
Butterfly Ball also stocks a beautiful range of retro clothing. There are fantastic, brightly printed dresses from the 1920s, 1950s right up to the present day. All are new, UK designed and mostly made in the UK too. There is also a range of fairtrade gifts including pendulums, crystal balls, jewellery, Himalayan salt lamps, incense and sage bundles.

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