Everyone loves a brain teaser

Mr Bobbington's Baffler

Looking for something to do with friends and family during Zoom or Skype calls? Or to keep your brain ticking over whilst off work? Well Bobbington’s Baffler is just the thing! 

The Baffler is an online treasure trove of trivia, with over 80 quizzes available to play online for free. Test your knowledge of history, literature, football, pop music, nostalgia and more.

There are also ready-made pub quizzes and bumper quizzes available to download for just 99p – the perfect social lubricant to get your Zoom parties flowing nicely!

Mr. Bobbington, a flamboyant top-hatted Victorian gentleman, is the alias of unassuming writer and fact-fan, Rob Clucas-Tomlinson. We spoke to Rob to find out more.

“Having hosted my first quiz in London in 1998, quiz writing has become a passion for me. For the last couple of years, I have hosted regular pub quizzes at the Prince Albert pub in Rodborough, as my alter-ego Mr. Bobbington, often with freshly served popcorn as an added extra! I’ve seen how much people enjoy a good quiz so I decided to create a fun and quirky quiz site. Membership of the site is absolutely free, as are most of the quizzes. Quizzing never gets old and is great for raising spirits and bringing people together. It’s just a really fun and friendly, mobile accessible quiz site to dip in and out of during these crazy days of the global pandemic. Something for everyone, I hope…”

With hundreds of members and a growing fanbase, don’t miss out on the fun! Visit www.baffler.co.uk and remember to bring your thinking cap (or top hat if you like) .