False Flags

You may remember we featured local band False Flags in our November issue. The band has been going through some big changes so we thought now would be a great time to showcase them again!
I met up with lead guitarist, Charlie, and new lead singer, Marta, to find out about their relaunch and change of direction.

Charlie: Marta got in touch through a musicians website and came along for an audition. When she sang she just blew us away and we really hoped she would join the band. She’s very musically open minded and she’s taken us in a whole new direction. We play hard rock and if you’re not careful that can easily sound dated, but Marta’s brought us a very contemporary sound.

Marta: For the last few years I treated music as a hobby that let me have a rest after a hard day of work. My priority was mainly having fun, feeling the pure enjoyment of singing and socializing with people who I could share my passion with. I tried to look for different opportunities, but couldn’t find anything that would fully suit my style and most of all, I couldn’t find people with similar views about music. When I saw Charles’ advert I thought I would have a go, as rock music has always been very important to me and also my voice makes a good match to this genre. I had a very good feeling about them – and here we go, we became a band.

I’ve always tried singing different styles and genres as I find it’s the best way to develop your voice and also it brings you more ideas and makes you more open minded about the music. I took my inspiration from many fantastic and talented musicians and personalities from all over the world. Thanks to that I always find the way to express myself, whichever genre I perform. I hope that all my experience will bring something new and fresh to our band.

Charlie: Our old songs were all written from a male point of view so together with Marta we’ve tweaked them and finally the band has become what it always wanted to be. Marta has a great gift for melody and is a technically great singer.

Indeed, Marta’s voice is a powerhouse! She has a strong personality, she rides horses and drives a forklift truck and you can hear all of that in her vocals. I have known her for a little while but the first time I heard her sing she absolutely knocked my socks off! Yet she’s slightly bewildered by my stunned reaction!

Marta: For me it’s just important to work well together and create a good relationship and atmosphere. Make a joke. If you’re tense together it’s hard to make something good and captivating. You can hear that emotion in the music.

Reaction to the new single, Juggernaut, has been overwhelmingly positive. The band have been booked for the opening slot at Facebarmageddon Festival in Reading in December based purely on hearing Marta’s first outing with the band.

Charlie: It’s the first time we’ve been approached for a gig as a direct result of a promoter hearing our music and Facebarmagedon is a respected festival – they don’t need to approach people! It’s a great response to our single. So we have a really busy time ahead to build on this good start. We want to get out there and play to as many people as possible. Lots of bands rely on social media but it’s so overcrowded these days that you can get lost in the noise. We want to go and play live and reach people. We’re open to offers, looking for support slots and letting venues know that our sound has changed.

The new single, Juggernaut, is going out on Spotify on August 2nd 2019 but the video is already available on youtube and on the band’s facebook page. Like the band on facebook for updates about upcoming gigs.