Litlbird – where’s busy in Stroud?

Well here’s something a little different…

We don’t often talk about ourselves here at Heart Of Stroud, but just for a change I’d like to tell you about something Rom has been working on that may help us all as we try to ease out of lockdown and return to some kind of normality.
In the ‘before times’ it was very easy to wander around town whenever you felt like it, browse the wonderful shops, enjoy good food and drink in the myriad cafés and bars… but for the foreseeable future it seems we’re going to have to be more careful about when and where we go out. Rom has created Litlbird to keep us all in the know, showing in real time which parts of Stroud are busy or quiet, so that you can plan your shopping or exercise to avoid the crowds. It’s free to use and will rely on user input, so please tell all your Stroud-based friends about it as the more users we have, the more accurate and up-to-date the information will be.

I’ll give you some examples of how Litlbird can help you:

Let’s say you need to make a trip to the supermarket. A quick look at the website shows you the most recent updates from people already out shopping, and unfortunately your usual supermarket is currently busy. So you can either check the other local supermarkets and choose to visit one with a shorter queue, or check back later and wait until your regular shop is quieter. 
Litlbird uses the GPS information on your phone to tell where you are. When you are near to a listed location you’ll see new buttons that allow you to update the website with one click to tell other users whether it is busy or quiet.
Litlbird screenshot

So here’s another example: 

Let’s say this time you’re enjoying the sun by the lake at Stratford Park. It’s nice and quiet, but as more people start to arrive, with one click you can update the status to ‘busy’ and hopefully other users will see this and choose to take their exercise elsewhere.
You can try Litlbird right now at It’s free! Please click and update it while you are out and about, and ask your friends to do the same. The more users we have the more current the updates will be, and sharing this information will help us all to stay safe as we venture into the new normal. 
As more shops re-open over the next few weeks we’ll add them to our list of locations so that you can plan all your shopping trips and help others to do the same as we once again enjoy all that our brilliant little town has to offer.
One last thing! We’d love your feedback please — so let us know what you think at This will help us to improve the service and adapt to the changing needs of the people as Stroud slowly comes back to life.
Stay safe everybody ❤