Local bands rock the Marshall Rooms

When Square Bomb and Red Propellers played the Marshall Rooms on 27 July 2018, Tom Berry was there to see the show and report back for us.

The Marshall Rooms has undoubtedly given the Stroud live music scene a much needed shot in the arm in recent months. Numerous acts from around the festival circuit have passed through but the venue has also been key in giving local acts a platform. Tonight sees two of Stroud’s more established acts on a strong double bill.

First up are Square Bomb. The screech of a car gives way to throbbing bass and frontwoman Uta’s Germanic vocal. For the next half an hour or so the audience get caught in the Motorik grooves.
Square bomb certainly look great. Uta is resplendent in a glittery top while guitarist Nick Buckle sports a Hawaiian shirt and Bassist Pav rocks up in a Dennis the Menace style t-shirt. The heavy kraut grooves and samples are underpinned by Nick’s uplifting guitar and the whole thing sounds pretty great really. A short break allows local DJ Sean Roe to entertain the troops before Red Propellers hit the stage.

Whereas Squarebomb take some influence from the German bands of the 1970’s, it’s the same period in New York that clearly influences Red Propellers. The spirit of Velvet Underground, the Stooges and Television are channelled through lead singer James Dick who is a captivating presence. What the band lack in originality they make up for in sheer stage presence and are well received with a cover of Pablo Picasso by the Modern Lovers being particularly popular with the crowd. You can watch this performance on Vimeo.
At a cost of just a couple of pints, the night is great value to see some original bands doing their thing. All in all another great night’s entertainment in GL5!

Tom Berry is a local DJ, journalist and record shop proprietor.