Pets at Christmas time

If your house is going to be full of fun and noise this Christmas spare a thought for your furry friends.

We tend to forget that even naturally calm and happy pets can get stressed with loud music, fireworks, extra people in the house and children screaming. If things aren’t normal in the house, don’t expect your pets to behave normally. Make children aware that animals need a little space and respect. You could put caged animals in a separate, quiet room, and if your cat is likely to flee through the cat flap as soon as the noise starts leave a box full of warm blankets outside in a dry place where they can curl up and wait for your guests to leave.

Be careful with food. Children often leave sweets around while they are playing. Explain to them that some things are really harmful to dogs. Mince pies, sugary pastry and chocolates must all be kept out of reach. Stock up on healthy treats for them instead. We sell a range of toys and natural, healthy, low fat snacks to spoil your pets safely, but in addition to presents make sure you give them plenty of attention later when everyone has gone home.

Most important of all, please remember that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas. If you adopt from a re-homing centre the staff there will help you find the perfect dog (or cat) for your family. Please bear in mind that the noisy festive season is a really bad time to introduce a new animal into your home. So if you’ve promised the children a new pet for Christmas, perhaps you could give them a picture of the pet and plan to pick him or her up in January once the house is calm again.

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