Stroud Vegan Fair is back for Veganuary

It’s one year since Daisy Botha organised Stroud’s first vegan fair. Now Stroud is about to host its third vegan fair, and we’re in for a treat.

Veganism is on a rapid rise. There has been a surge in the number of UK vegans from 540,000 surveyed in 2016* to 3.5 million in 2018**. Attracted by veganism’s promises of a healthier, kinder and more sustainable lifestyle many more are finding they are becoming ‘v-curious’.

Happy Daisy Vegan cakesStroud Vegan Fair organiser, Daisy Botha says she decided to give Veganuary a try in 2017. She thought it would be difficult because she loved cheese. But by the end of the month, Daisy felt great, had really enjoyed it and decided to stay vegan.

Daisy says she organised Stroud’s first vegan fair ‘by accident’ when she was working in Stroud Subscription Rooms in January 2018. She had worked at festivals and events for many years and she leapt at the opportunity to host the fair when the idea was put to her.

Her modesty belies the amount of hard work she put in to make the event the massive success that it was. Preparing for the fair became Daisy’s full time job. It was a huge hit with locals, with long (but happy) queues and loads of traders selling out completely. By popular demand, she repeated the event in summer and found opportunities started popping up with venues asking her to organise more vegan fairs elsewhere. Since then it’s been a whirlwind journey. It’s now a full time job for Daisy and she has teamed up with her friend Jo Harrington, organising events all over the South West.

Stroud Vegan Fair, 26 January 2019, 10-4pm

Stroud Subscription Rooms
Entry £2, accompanied under 14s free

There will be tempting treats everywhere including beautiful cupcakes, indulgent pizzas, and exciting street foods. There will also be goodies such as clothing, bags and candles which are ethically produced without harming humans, animals or the environment. Plus there will be talks, demonstrations and literature available. Among the many delights, here are some hot tips to lookout for:
Hop Bakery and A Kind Living: Chloe from Cheltenham will be bringing her amazing cakes, clothing and accessories.

Coco Caravan: Delicious raw chocolate made in Stroud by chocolatier Jack, who says his chocolate is actually good for you!

The Hogless Roast: There’s a lot of buzz about this brand new company. Launched last December with a pop-up at The Prince Albert which totally sold out, they offer a traditional-style hog roast with apple sauce, but somehow vegan…

Ecotricity and Forest Green Rovers: Look out for stalls from show sponsors Ecotricity and Forest Green Rovers (famously the world’s first vegan football team). Ecotricity’s Paul Sands will join Daisy and a panel of speakers to talk about some less traditional methods of vegan activism.

Where do vegans like to eat in Stroud?

There are also lots of vegan options to try out in town all year round, not just for Veganuary! We recommend the many treats at The Diner, including milkshakes, ice creams and hot dogs; the delicious meals at Star Anise and Woodruffs; the vegan ice cream at Winstones Ice Cream Parlour; and the vegan pattie at Simpsons chippy to name just a few. Stroud is a very vegan friendly town and pretty much all of the restaurants and cafés have vegan options. So sorry to the many we don’t have space to mention!

To find out more about Stroud Vegan Fair and others coming up around the region, visit