The Achievers – meet the band

2018 was a big year for local blues band, The Achievers, with worldwide airplay and great reviews for their debut album in the UK, Poland, the Netherlands and France to name just a few.

Despite being from Stroud, we don’t often get to see them perform here because they’re so busy touring the UK and Europe. And it’s going to be another packed year for Steve (vocals and guitar), Robert (guitar), Aron (drums), Rufus (harmonica), and Jack (bass guitar). They are booked for all the major blues festivals in the UK.

You can grab a chance to see them play at their upcoming gig at the SVA in March. It’s set to be a special gig, with the band celebrating a year since they recorded their debut there (the aptly titled, ‘Live at the SVA’) and looking forward to returning to the source of many good memories.

Last year’s SVA recording was actually quite hastily planned in order for the band to have a CD to take with them on tour. So it was a bit surprising for them that it subsequently ranked in the Independent Blues Broadcasting Association’s top 20 albums for 3 consecutive months, peaking at no. 3, and was recently voted the IBBA’s 4th best blues album of the year. It is the only album ever to have ‘achieved’ this (sorry!) despite having no record label, manager or booking agent behind it. It’s an album of infectious songs which captures the band’s slick performance skills combined with the live energy for which they are renowned.

Snap up tickets to see The Achievers at the SVA, Stroud on 1 March 2019. Buy online at
You can also stream their album on spotify and check out their website for videos.