The energy of rocks and Reiki

The Christmas season can be stressful and following that, the rest of the dark cold winter can be a depressing time for many. Corinne Price from Butterfly Ball explains how crystals and Reiki are able to help.

A form of therapy in which the practitioner is believed to channel energy into the patient in order to encourage healing or restore wellbeing.


Butterfly Ball

Corinne has been running Butterfly Ball for nearly nine years and in that time she has been on various crystal training workshops, for example with the eminent Judy Hall. Reiki was the next natural step to link in with her existing knowledge. Corinne says there are more and more people suffering from mental health issues and Reiki has been recognised as a holistic treatment in western medicine, meaning that some GPs will refer patients to Reiki practitioners for help with stress or depression.

“I believe that crystals and Reiki can provide lots of benefits” Corinne says. “People come back and say ‘It’s amazing – it’s worked!’ It’s so nice to feel you’ve helped someone in a positive way to move forward, with no drugs involved. Part of my work is also listening, which in itself has a tangible effect. I think it’s a privilege to be in a confidential situation with people and I don’t divulge the things they tell me. With both my crystal work and Reiki, the consultation is as important as the treatment.”

Sessions take about an hour to an hour and a half, including the consultation. It’s a hands-on, fully clothed holistic therapy and it has wonderful benefits. Corinne tells me, “My own Reiki master had pain in her leg which stopped after I treated her. I get a palpable sense of what’s going on with a person. Usually at the end of the session there are so many incredible similarities between what the patient reports and the sensations I feel while I’m treating them.

“Reiki is good for both physical and emotional pain. It also has a spiritual link which can come into play depending on the recipient. It is even suited to distance healing, a technique which enables treatment to be sent to a patient without them being present at the time.”

If you’re interested in seeing how Reiki could benefit you, why not give it a try. How about booking yourself in for a nice session to feel refreshed or to help when preparing for a big event like a wedding or a job interview? A Reiki session makes for an interesting alternative to a spa day. It’s designed for relaxation and can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one who is feeling stressed. Gift vouchers are available from Butterfly Ball on Union Street. Pop in to find out more!


Corinne offers Reiki from her private treatment room at home. Sessions cost £45. Pop in and chat with her at Butterfly Ball on Union Street or get in touch.

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