Wellbeing through doodles

Make sense of your mind with doodles

Natalie Hanley, Mental Health Professional for the NHS and creator of Instagram account Tidy Mind Doodles, creates simple self-care doodles based on her CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Training). The Doodles hope to encourage people to notice thinking styles and behaviours which might be making them feel worse and consider starting healthier habits.

Like when you build something up into a big anxious mess and then it turns out fine.

Natalie says “Creating these doodles not only helped me to notice my own unhelpful habits and keep on top of things, it shows others that it is okay to feel this way … now let’s see what can be done about it. I have been really happy to see internationally positive feedback since appearing in media – from therapists, clinicians GPs and other medical health professionals who find helping others and giving advice far harder to apply in their own lives, and benefit from this gentle nudge.”


Tidy Mind Doodles collaborated with her NHS service to design a Self-Care Postcard for NHS staff as a self-care reminder to over 5,000 NHS workers.

Tidy Mind Doodles
How about when you are so busy focussing on reaching the next big goal you forget to stop and look at what you have achieved so far?

“I create these doodles to help people around the world realise that despite our economic situations, languages, cultures or history, we are essentially all experiencing very common difficulties. You are not alone and I hope these doodles inspire some self-care.”

Tidy Mind Doodles